Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 3 Previews

Strike Kings vs Strike N Spares

This matchup would have been a classic but Mr M.V.P. is ruled out of the match because of an suspension , nonetheless this matchup will be intense . Strike Kings losing 2 out of 3 to the Sensations without Eddie and his patented "B*TCH SLAP" pose after every strike but Don Ali and Ammad pummeled the Sensation to take the last game and TOTAL PINS!!!!!! SnS will realize that they are not playing the lowly FORCE in which they SWEPT .

This matchup will come down to how well The Dastagir brothers bowl , if they can stay CLOSE to Eddie and Don Ali , then it will come down to the dreaded 10th frame but with no MVP to go up against Don Ali , I cant see SnS doing much .

Strike Kings take 2 out of 3

Snipers vs Asian Sensation

Snipers coming off a productive week with winning 2 out of 3 from Balls n Strikes , Gage AKA don't call me "Vanilla Thunder" added a monster in Guerrier with hiss 200+ avg , a great addition to the league !
The Sensations came away with winning 2 out of 3 from the Strike Kings but were very lackadaisical at the last round where they lost the round and TOTAL PINS !

This matchup will be a no contest because of the fact that a little birdie told me that Amin and Jin have bought their own ball and with "THE SHARK" & "THE SILENT ASSASIN " will be difficult to handle other than Guerrier winning a couple of matchups , that's all i give the Sinpers.

 A clean SWEEP for The Sensations 3 out of 3

Force vs Pin Pals

These 2 teams are coming off a HORRIFIC week , With Force getting a measly 2 matchup pts against SnS and Pinpals getting 6 individual pts as both teams were SWEPT !!!!

Ayaz AKA "7-11 mouth" which never closes had nothing really to talk about ........UNTIL NOW , going up against lowly Force is the perfect remedy for the PinPals.

Unfortunately with Halloween around the corner the HORROR show continues for Prince and the rest of Force!!

Pin Pals take 3 of 3 with a clean sweep.

Balls n Strikes vs Pin Smackers

Balls n Strikes are up against another high caliber team in the Pin Smackers as they are going up against "THE MAYOR" Ahbi. BnS have a great anchor in Wahid and Ali has shown he can hang with the best of them but they did take only 1 out of 3 from against the Snipers. Pin Smackers took care of business last week by SWEEPING the Lowly Pin Pals .

In the end Ahbi and Eugene will be too much to handle but BnS will take 1 out of 3

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