Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pin Smackers Vs Balls n Strikes Post Game Recap



Game 1: Balls & Strikes win & 2 individual points = 5 points vs Pin Smackers 2 points
Game 1 started off with Balls and Strike having a lead due to the higher handicap that they brought. The game came down to the 10th frame with Balls and Strikes having a lead of 50 points.  Pin Smackers led by the mayor Abhi tried to catch up but Balls & Strikes didn't let this go. They came with a victory of 20 pins despite Abhi's performance of 220

Game 2: Balls & Strikes 1 individual point vs Pin Smackers = 6 points (game points & 3 individual points)

Beginning of the game, Pin Smackers were amped up having Adam bowling a turkey to provide energy and support to Pin Smackers. During this game, Hakim found his game which greatly helped the Balls n Strikes to sustain the lead. This came to no avail as Adam bowled a 160 and the mayor bowling a 245. You have to think with Adam bowling the way he did there is no way the Pin Smackers can lose. Pin Smackers came back to win gave 2 to even out the points with 8 points apiece.

Game 3: Balls & Strikes win & 2 individual points = 5 points vs Pin Smackers 2 points

As game 3 started you could tell that Balls and Strikes were worried after Pin Smackers overall game 2 performance. The handicap was much higher than Pin Smackers has faced and anticipated. The X factor Sony has bowled phenomenal to motivate the team but lacked the support by the whole team's performance which led Balls & Strikes to a victory. Wahid's stellar and consistent performance has helped the team's victory, including Hakim's Game 2 & 3 performances. Watch out for Balls & Strikes as Hot Pins has said they are the team to watch.

Overall, Pin Smackers took overall total pins by 4 vs Balls & Strikes to get the last 2 points which led Pin Smackers 12 points vs Balls & Strikes 11 points

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