Friday, October 5, 2012

Asian Sensation Preview

Yash Mahajan
Khaled Ahmedy
Adam Chamowitz
Jin Park
Latif Sadiqi
Amin Sadiqi
Justin Reis

Asian Sensation brings back all their men that reached the summer finals which include Yash, Amin, Adam, Khaled, Latif, and Jin. This is a team that every game got better throughout the winter and summer seasons and will be a tough team to beat each week. They made one of shocking signings in the off-season by adding Justin Reis, who when he shows up will make the Sensations one of deepest teams in the league. Yash and Khaled were a formidable 3-4 combo as they averaged 170 and 175 pins respectively (both of whom cracked the top 10). Adding Justin who averages 183 will be making many teams sweat when they step up to the lanes. Amin, Adam, Latif, and Jin all have huge playoff experience which means they will be not be phased this year. It should be interesting how far that experience plus their skill set can take them.

Justin won’t be there that often, so the keys of this team are Amin, Adam, Latif, and Jin. Yash and Khaled will always come out strong so its on the other members to step up. They will be getting a lot of handicap from their lower averages, and they will have to use that towards their advantage if Asian Sensation wants to bring home the title in March. If Justin could get the minimum games in and bowl in the playoffs they could very well be the darkhorse team to win the playoffs.

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