Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preview Balls n Strike vs Strike Kings

Balls n Strikes have been improving week by week as they took 11 points from a formidable opponent known as the Pin Smackers.

Wahid has been the anchor for Balls n Strikes that keeps them in games as he is averaging 157 pins with a high game already of 186. He will need to do this again as Strike Kings is one of the best teams in the South Asian Bowling League.  Abdul and Mustafa both bring a handicap of over 80 points which may be the difference in this matchup. If one of them can have a good game it will ensure a Balls n Strikes Victory.

Strike Kings brings the number 2 bowler in the league with Don Ali and a strong supporting cast. The question for Strike Kings is whether or not Eddie Santana will show up for this match. He currently averages well over 200 so he will give Strike Kings a good chance of winning this matchup. Ammad has proven he can bowl anchor if needed as he bowled a 201 earlier this season. Ammad may have to do that again if Eddie does not show up for this matchup.

After losing by one point to the Pin Smackers, if Balls n Strikes can beat Strike Kings they will be a team that no one will want to face.

I believe Strike Kings will rebound from last week’s hiccup by sweeping Balls N Strikes!

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