Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preview for Pin Smackers Vs Strikes n Spares

Pin Smackers vs Strikes n Spares

This matchup can’t get any better with the top 2 teams in the standings facing each other.

The Pin Smackers are looking to rebound from their subpar performance last week. They won 1 game, but redeemed themselves by getting total pins, and 7 individual points from the expansion team Balls N Strikes.

As for Strikes n Spares , with the controversy surrounding the team and the suspensions levied against them , they surprised everybody.  They took the first game and 14.5 pts on top of that. I can only imagine what would happen if Mr. MVP showed up for the matchup. The real question is, do they really need him?

This will obviously come down to the 10th frame as both teams have great depth but with Mr. MVP back in the picture , this will be very tough for Ahbi the "mayor" and his team to overcome.

SnS take 2 of 3

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