Friday, October 5, 2012

Strike Kings Preview

Ammad Sheikh
Nisar Ahmed
Don Ali Nasrallah
Raheel Malick
Yasser Mir
Eddie Santana
Azfar Malick

Strike Kings may be bringing one of the deepest teams we have in the South Asian Bowling League. They are returning players such as Nisar who has quietly improved his game and won many games in the summer single-handedly. They also bring back Ammad who has bowled better every week since he got his own ball. Newcomers Raheel and Yassir have previous bowling experience  so with practice I expect them to get better every week. One of the biggest free agent splash was when Eddie Santana landed with the Strike Kings. Eddie, who was the anchor on The Other Guys summer team, decided to come to a team who has a real chance of bringing home a title. He averaged a whopping 177 in the summer time, and expect him only to increase his game.  Eddie will be their anchor and his big game experience that Strike Kings will need.  The most important bowler on their team, and the number two bowler in the league, is Don Ali. In real estate its all about location, location, location. Well with Don Ali its consistent, consistent, consistent. He averaged over 200 in the summer and expect him to be even higher this season. With Eddie and Don Ali, the team has one of the one two punches; expect them to be on top of the leader board.

Strike Kings will need Nisar and Ammad to bowl well to match-up with the league's best. We know week in and week out Eddie and Don Ali will be bowling lights out. Nisar and Ammad who are getting a lot of handicap have to step it up if Strike Kings wants to chance to hold the trophy at the end of the season. Look for big things from Nisar, as he had his best games in pressure situations 

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