Friday, October 5, 2012

Strikes 'n' Spares Preview

Raza Dastgir
Mufthy Dastgir
Amaad Bhatti
Naeem Bawla
Omair Hussain
Jason Reis

In season 1, SnS started out as an afterthought.  However, once they got acclimated to the league, they ran off an impressive stretch of six straight weeks without a series loss.  More importantly, they became the deepest team in the league, winning on the strength of any five bowlers they put out there.  However, they got exposed in the playoffs against an equally deep Force team.  While upset over the loss, the team took it as a learning experience  and just continued to practice and get better.  

This season they made the biggest splash in the off-season signing the league's clear cut #1 bowler in Jason Reis.  Not only will Jason make up for any off games by other members of the team, they now have the league's best closer in any match that's close down the stretch.  A deep team just solved their possible one weakness.  With the team featuring Raza, Mufthy, and Jason, they are arguably the deepest team in the league.  Matching-up against this team will be a nightmare.  

All the good non-withstanding, they will have to adjust to (likely) having the league's lowest handicap.  That means they have to bring it every game, as they will be at a disadvantage.  They also have to bring it every game as Raza has almost single-handedly painted a target on the team's back.  Posting up personal high scores, promising the season being over before it has begun, he's drawn a lot of attention from others in the league.  Is this all intimidation tactics?   Confidence?  Arrogance?  Regardless, these were all big words from a team that has one team playoff victory, and no series victories.  We know Jason has performed in the clutch, but how will the rest of his team respond with their captain acting like he's never been there before?

Expect this team to be one of the league's best, and currently the pre-season favorites with the Pin Pals to win the title.

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