Sunday, February 10, 2013

Strike Kings vs Force Recap

Game I – Force 736 vs. Strike Kings 774
Game II – Force 765 vs. Strike Kings 713
Game III – Force 735 vs. Strike Kings 815
Strike Kings – 14 points
Force – 9 points

Force fielded only three players – but what else is new? Prince did sweep his individual points but Ammad cancelled that out, winning three as well. The Strike Kings were unable to make a clean match sweep however Ammad stepped up to lead the team in total pins above average for the day. The lanes were a bit less forgiving than is customary for East Meadow. The lanes were somewhat dry halfway down leading to many splits and spare near misses. Sony’s photo-shoots (until he was ordered to change his position) didn’t seem to affect anyone.

In Game I, the Strike Kings bowled terribly, except for Ammad. Ammad bowled a 179 easily beating the blind – who somehow just can’t get out of his 150 streak. While Nisar did get his point against Stan (124 vs. 109), the luck stopped there. Don Ali lost to Prince (180 vs. 165+handicap) while Eddie lost to Alan (156 vs. 193). Strike Kings win with a lackluster performance.

Game II saw a bit more action. Stan came back to bowl a solid 171 vs. Nisar’s 110. Ammad’s score dipped a bit to 145 but he still beat the blind with handicap. Don Ali lost to Prince again (187 vs. 191). Eddie bowled a paltry 136, losing to Alan’s 134 (+ handicap). All in all it was a very boring game, one which the Strike Kings should have easily won. Force wins by 52 pins.

Game III would be the decider for total pins. Nisar and Stan tie scratch with a 135 each but Nisar takes the point as he has the larger handicap. Ammad comes back with a solid 169 and takes his final point from the blind. Meanwhile Don Ali loses again to Prince (187 vs. 192). Eddie cracks above his average with a 181, taking his point from Alan. Strike Kings win by 80 pins, easily taking total pins in the process.

Both teams faced their usual demons in this matchup – Force lacked players while the Strike Kings can’t get everyone to bowl consistently well when needed. Ammad has show more and more that he must be taken seriously. He had a few long strings of spares today (and one of strikes also). He made at least one tough split as well. Strike Kings do well on paper (taking 14 points) but in reality should have taken at least 19 points (game II and a couple more by way of Don Ali / Eddie).

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