Thursday, February 14, 2013

Asian Sensation vs Balls n Strikes Post Game

Asian Sensation vs Balls n Strikes Post Game Recap

Position week recap ! Sensations are trying to see if they can creep into the 2nd spot and Balls n Strikes are trying to push hard in trying to see if they can keep a 1 point lead of 4th place .

Game 1
Adam started in the leadoff spot because of Jins rear wheel drive car is useless in the aftermath of the storm. Adam subbed in and did a great job by beating Ali N. 193-182 but unfortunalty that would be the lone point that the Sensations took in game one.

Amin vs Ali S. - Amin bowled a pathetic 123 scratch to Ali S. 135. Ali has been throwing the ball with a slight hook and is learning how to throw it consistantly. Ali S blew out Amin with his healthy handicap in game 1 and many more to come.

Khaled vs Hakim- Hakim had a rough 1st game including Khaled but because of a better handicap score Hakim took game 1.  Khaled"s 149 scratch to Hakims 147 but the handicap came to fruition (26-Khaled & 39-Hakim) but Khaled nightmare day was not over.

Wahid vs Yash - Best Anchors in the game but only 1 came to play , Wahid scored a 214 scratch to Yash's..................................106 ! Yes a 106 ! It was obvious who won but Yash"s double gutter in 1 frame pretty much explains this game for the Sensation.

Final Score-661-Sensations & 800- BnS

Game 2
Adam vs Abdul S.
This would be Adam"s only loss of the day and it comes in the hand to the eldest bowler in our league who bowled a 107 but with a 80 pin handicap beat Adam by 5 pins 187 to 182. Adam had a chance in the 10th frame to take the point but missed a spare in which resulted in his loss.

Amin vs Ali S.
Amin bowled a 142 to Ali"s 136 but the handicap put Ali in top in game 2 192-179. Amin just was not able to put strike"s or spares together and Ali did just enough to win Game 2.

Khaled vs Hakim
Hakim turned things around by bowling a 210 scratch. Khaled"s game 1 struggle's rolled over to game 2 with a very "SILENT"score of a 136 .

Yash vs Wahid
Yash sort of redeemed himself but lost a very tight matchup by a score of 186-184 but the good sign was he was coming out of his funk .

Final ScoreSensations-708 BnS-814

Game 3
Adam vs Ali N.
Adam took his 2nd point of the day by scoring a 180 scratch to Ali N 96 , Adam did a admirable job from a sub by winniing 2 out of 3 pts from the leadoff spot.

Amin vs Ali S.
This was close to the 10th frame as Ali S had a open frame in the 10th but Amin did not close which resluted him to lose by 3 pins 209-206. That capped off Amin"s pathetic show and losing ALL 3 points to a bowler that is still learning his game. Props has to be given to Ali S. who bowled a great series.

Khaled vs Hakim
Hakim was riding his 2nd game mojo to the 3rd game as he scored a 201 scratch to Khaled"s 151 ! Khaled was not on his game as the lanes was not to his liking and could not find his "spot." Hakim found his and took all 3 points and kept Khaled "SILENT"

Yash vs Wahid
Yash channeled his focus on the pins rather than the heckling he was recieveing around him and bowled a 203 scratch to Wahid"s respectable 192. Yash took his lone point from Wahid but i think with no bowling in the next 2 weeks he will hear more about his Game 1 highlights than game 3.

Final ScoreSensations-835 Bns-827

Final Summary-
Obviously Sensations other than a sub did not show up until the last game.  Balls n Strikes showed what every good team does , which is to beat an opponent even though they did not put up thier strongest lineup. 'THE MAILMAN"aka Shumail was MIA, but came away with total pins and 2 out of 3 games ! The Sensations were not on their game this week but this looks like a rematch in the final week of position round. They can redeem themselves and go into the playoffs feeling good because the 2nd seed is nowhere in sight thanks to their abysmal showing.

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