Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pin smackers vs Snipers Preview

Pin Smackers vs Snipers

If there ever was a matchup you didn't want to watch its Pin Smackers vs Snipers. Both teams have very big names but both teams are bowling awful. Snipers are in dead last with only golfing on their mind but Pin Smackers is the most dissapointed team in this league.

Pin Smackers are currently only 11 points out of the playoffs but have been struggling all season. Abhi  known as Mr. 300 has done his best trying to lead his team but to no avail. Eugene who was ranked in the 10th in pre season rankings has been bowling dreadful. Either Eugene forgot how to bowl or something is serious wrong. Eugene will need a strong performance if the Smackers want to win this matchup. Sneaky Sneaky Sony has been the mouth and the energy of this team. Sony will get Abhi going and they will need him to do his part. I expect Sony to bring it this game.

Snipers are a story you don't want to read. They have big names in Guerrier and Gage but are strugglnig big time. They are 40 points behind 7th place and basically have picked out their vacation spot during the off season. There are positives to this team though. Uday and Pat seem like they are getting better every week. Every week one of them bowls a 130+ game which helps this team out. The problem seems to be Gage and Guerrier have not been consistent. They both have been missing key spares and strikes and have failed under the pressure. If snipers can sweep this matchup they will still have a chance for playoffs. If they do not sweep, well you know the result.

We expect Pin Smackers to take 14 points in this matchup. Abhi will flirt with a 300 game, and Sony and yell at Abhi for helping out other bowlers.

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