Friday, February 8, 2013

Asian Sensation Vs Balls n Strikes Preview

Asian Sensation Vs Balls n Strikes

This matchup is between two teams that have complete opposite personalities. One team is very loud in Asian Sensation, while Balls n Strikes is quieter than a mouse.

Asian Sensation is sitting nicely in the 3rd position where they will most likely be entering the post season. Yash Mahajan has not only been loud with his mouth, but also loud with his balls. Yash is currently in 2nd in points won which shows he can easily win his match on any day. Besides Amaad from Strikes n Spares Amin is the next best leadoff man in the game. He has the potential to get on a run with strikes and easily break the 200 barrier. Khaled and Jin will be the x  factors for Asian Sensation. If they could bowl well the Sensation should be able to come out of East Meadow with a victory.

Balls n Strikes has surprised many teams this year. They are an expansion team and have risen to the 4th place slot in the standings. They are only one point ahead of Strike Kings so Balls n Strikes will have to come out with a victory. They are led byShumail aka the mailman who is the most underrated bowler in the game. He quietly bowls 200's in his sleep and he will beat his opponent before they wake up. Wahid is their anchor and front runner for rooke of the year who has beaten Jason aka the dictator on multiple occasions. Wahid does not miss so Yash will have to bowl his best. Hakim and Alisher will be the x factors for this team. Hakim has potential to bowl a big game but also has the potential to stink up the joint. Alisher has improved his game lately by getting a new bowling ball. We will see how Alisher responds to the pressure.

The key to this matchup is if Balls n Strikes can block out Asian Sensation's noise that they will bring. They will talk a lot and try to get into their heads. It is up to Shumail and Co. to quiet them down with stringing strikes together.

We are calling a Balls n Strikes upset take 16 points in this matchup. We are also calling Wahid taking at least 2 matchup points from Yash.

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