Friday, February 8, 2013

Strike Kings vs Force Preview

Strike Kings vs Force

The is a matchup where a very underachieving team in Strike Kings is facing a team in Force that can't field a full roster.

Strike Kings is led by Don Ali who is the number two bowler in the league. He averages over a 200 and can easily bowl strike after strike. Whatever Don Ali bowls this weekend won't really matter. This matchup will all depend on his supporting cast in Ammad, Nisar, and Eddie. Ammad has bowled better every week  as we saw a game over 200 last week. Ammad though is capable of rolling a stinker and bowling in the 120 range. Nisar is very inconsistent who can bowl a 180, but can easily bowl a 110.Nisar will be their leadoff man who has to set the tempo for this team.  The most overrated player has to be Eddie who has been bowling very poorly this season. He will be matched up against Prince, and Eddie's bowling with either pave the way to victory or pave the way to a defeat. A team is only as strong as it's weakest link, so we will see what this supporting cast can do.

Force on the other hand is a team that decides they don't want to show up for the match. When they bowl with 4 guys they are almost unbeatable. The problem is all season 3 guys have only showed up to bowl. If you do the math 4 is better than 3 and that is why Force is been struggling. Force is led by their top dog Prince who has bowled well this season.  Prince has taken a lot of scrunity from the league but, it is not his fault the team is bowling poorly. Matt and Riz have decided they rather go to the clubs and party than bowl. They will have to show up and bowl well if they want to win. Abbas as been the surprise of the league so far making a huge impact for team Force. He has bowled very consistent and gives Prince that number two role that he needs.

The prediction is, if Force brings 4 players, Force will take no more than 14 points. If Force brings 3 players then Strike Kings will take at least 17.

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