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Pin Smackers vs Strike Kings Post Game

Pin Smackers vs Strike Kings Post game

The Strike Kings had their usual suspects bowling in their usual positions.
Pin Smackers had the choice to match up their players to the Strike Kings and created the following match ups.

Nisar vs Joe
Ammad vs Eugene
Don Ali vs Sony Singh
Eddie vs Abhishek

The Pin Smackers were able to match up their players to the Strike Kings as they were the lower seeds. So they chose the following.

Lead off
Nisar Ahmed (137) vs Joe Disalvator (152)

This was an interesting choice as Joe looks like he would be a top bowler in the league. But looks can be deceiving as he was only able to take 1 point from Nisar. In Game 1 Nisar bowled a 103 to Joes 137. This allowed Joe to to easily take the point from Nisar. In Game two it was a different story as Joe bowled a 154 and Nisar responded with a 157. The same story in Game 3 as against Nisar bowled above his average and bowled a 143 to Joe’s 140. As Nisar even with out the handicap defeated Joe 2 out of 3 scratch to take 2 points.

Table setters
Ammad Sheikh (152) vs Eugene Lampion (159)

This was a wise choice on the part of Abhishek as both of these bowlers are evenly matched and have had great games and terrible games. This match up boiled down to which team was going to have a consistent game out of their bowler. Eugene struck first bowling a 192 in game 1 which is 33 pins above his average. Ammad responded by bowling a 124 which is 28 below his average as Eugene and the Pin Smackers destroyed the Strike Kings. Game 2 it was a complete role reversal as Eugene bowled a 109 which is 50 below his average and Ammad bowled a career high 210 which is 58 pins above his average. Then came the pivotal third game. Both Ammad and Eugene bowled similar games Eugene with 160 and Ammad with a 158 but alas that handicap came in to play and Ammad won this point taking 2 out of 3 points in this match up.

Big Boppers
Don Ali Nasrallah (202) vs Sony Singh (169)

Sony continues his ascent as one of the leagues up and coming bowlers. Sony was matched up with Don Ali and was able to take 2 out of 3 games from Sony. Game 1 Sony bowled a 173 to Don Ali’s 190. But when you factor in the handicap and that Sony bowled 4 pins above his average and Don Ali was 12 below. This was a Pin Smacker point. Game 2 Don Ali and Ammad started the game out with 3 strikes each. Don Ali cruised bowling 234 or 32 pins above his average. Sony bowled a 182 which was above his average as well but not enough as Strike Kings avenged a near clean sweep at the hands of the Pin Smackers in game 1 to do the same to the Pin Smackers in game 2. Game 3 Don Ali bowled 192 but Sony beat him scratch with a 206 completing the Pin Smackers victory as he took 2 out of 3 points.

Clean up
Eddie Santana (179) vs Abhishek Kumar (197)

Abhi fresh off of his perfect game had to have had a slight let down. In Game 1 he bowled a 179 which was 18 pins below his average. This made him ripe for the picking. Eddie bowled a 170 and although this was below his average he was still able to take the win in game 1 for the only Strike Kings point in game 1. In game 2 Abhishek rebounded and kept the Pin Smackers within striking distance. This would prove to be huge as the Strike Kings were facing a 80 pin deficit going in to game 2. Abhi bowled a 255 and won the only point for his team. But it allowed the Pin Smackers to only lose by 40 pins. Eddie bowled a 135 which was 44 below his average but no one was going to beat Abhi’s 255. In game 3 the crucial game Abhi bowled a 205 which was 8 pins above his average. Eddie bowled 11 under his average for a 168. Pin Smackers take 2 out of three in this match up.

Over all the Pin Smackers won 14-9. If not for Abhi’s phenomenal performance in game 2, we very well could be talking about a 12-11 loss for the Pin Smackers. Abhi put that team on his back in game 2. For the Strike Kings this was a team that wasn’t picked in the choice round and faced the Pin Smackers. Strike Kings with another week of inconsistent bowling. In order for the Strike Kings to win they need all 4 bowlers to have average to above average games. Strike Kings bowled below 800 two times with handicap this weekend. Performances like this aren’t going to help the Strike Kings. In a single game anything is possible but in a three game playoff, a lot of teams are looking at the Strike Kings as the team that they want to play in order to advance.

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