Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 12 Hot Pins

Asian Sensation
Asian Sensation came close but couldn't seal the deal. A lost to their rival Pin Pals is huge especially when they are both battling for the 1st round bye. Expect Yash to be at the lanes every day practicing.

Balls n Strikes
Balls n Strikes are finally on the winning side of things taking out a "hurt" Pin Smackers team. Everyone could hear Hakim screaming "Wahidddddddd" as he bowled a career high 257. Wahid has beaten Jason and now has beaten Abhi. This guy is for real.

Strike Kings
Strike Kings only got 15 points while Snipers had only 3 bowlers. How is that possible with Strike Kings talent? It's almost like this team does not want to win.

Strikes n Spares
No Jason, no problem? It wasn't easy for SNS as they barely beat team Force. Does this show they don't need Jason? It looks like without the Jason aka the chosen one, this team is beatable.

Pin Pals
Can anyone beat Pin Pals? These team is hotter than a beauty contest. This team is in championship mode and it looks like they can not be stopped.

Even though Force lost, they have to feel good. They lost game 1 by 1 pin  to Strikes n Spares which would of dramatically changed the total points taken for the match up. Force finally brought 4 guys to the alley which shows 4 bowlers is usually better than 3.

Pin Smackers

I think Pin Smackers need to hold tryouts for team nurse. Not only did Balls n Strikes destory the Smackers, but it looks like Abhi, Sony, and Eugene are now hurt. Can someone please tell them this isn't football, it's bowling?


You have to feel bad for Gage. Gage went the penthouse to the doghouse in less than year. I guess team Snipers only point to get up in the morning is to play spoiler.

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