Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 11 Hot Pins

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Asian Sensation

The Sensations have won 2 weeks in a row and are rolling with Justin JR2K. The real question is will Justin be available for the playoffs? Or will be be too busy studying for his final exams. Link

Balls n Strikes

Captain Hakim can't be happy losing especially when Shumail and Wahid play all 3 games. Link

Strike Kings
Was this team car-lagged? They showed up to East Meadow tired and only won 3 points. Must be tough driving 30 minutes to the game. Link

Strikes n Spares
Yawn!!! This league is getting boring for Strikes n Spares. They have such a huge lead they can afford to take a week off. Link

Pin Pals
Everyone bow down to the defending champions. David "Mcgwire" Deblasio is a machine who is on a mission.. If Chris and David keep this up, the Pin Pals will win the championship again. Link

Should we really be shocked that Force only showed up with 3 guys? Hey Matt, guess what you let your team down. AGAIN Link

Pin Smackers

Abhi did not talk for the entire first game as Pin Smackers still got smacked by the pins. I think this team is running our of ideas on how to win. Link


Talk about laying an egg after only getting 4 points from Strikes n Spares. With four weeks left I think we know which team will be in last place by the end of the year. Link

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