Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Balls n Strikes vs Force Post Game Recap

Game 1 – BnS 801 vs. Force 781
Game 2 – BnS 785 vs. Force 740
Game 3 – BnS 848 vs. Force 756

Balls 'n Strikes – 19 points
Force – 4 points
Battle for the 6th and final playoff spot heated up this weekend with 2 teams competing closely trying to keep their heads above water. Bad time to have only 3 players for Force as indicated by the scores of the first 2 very tight games. As for BnS attendance was an unknown at game time, but thankfully Alisher was woken up in time, and Shumail made a surprise entry.
Game 1, Prince and Abbas bowled very well at 206 and 171 respectively carrying the team to almost taking game 1 from BnS, coming 20 pins shy of an upset. If Rizwan bowled his avg of 155 they would have won by 5 pins. Wahid and Alisher won their points delivering 178 and 145 to put BnS over the top.
Game 2, BnS wins 3 individual point here with Alisher at 141, Wahid at 176, and Hakim at 159, with Prince(173) taking his 2nd of 3 points from Shumail(159). This game featured a bowl off between Wahid and Riz where Wahid won by 1 pin, Wahid kept in the race by hitting a crazy split in the 8th frame(2nd of the day). With the difference being only 45, if Matt had played it would of been a Force victory.
Game 3,BnS cruises to easy victory with Wahid bowling a 204, Shumail at 176, Hakim 163, and Alisher 155. Prince chimed in at 210 and signed off the score card as 'I HATE MATT'. Prince will have to rally his troops next week because they have showed they can not win with 3 players. It is possible that Force could of won this game if Matt showed up. We will never know since he did not come to the bowling alley.
Hopefully BnS can continue having good attendance and winning game to stay in the playoff picture. With the regular season winding down every point counts for the 3 or 4 teams at risk of getting knocked out of playoffs.

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