Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Strikes n Spares vs Strike Kings Post Game

Game I – Strikes ‘n’ Spares 764 vs. Strike Kings 785
Game II – Strikes ‘n’ Spares 847 vs. Strike Kings 832
Game III – Strikes ‘n’ Spares 829 vs. Strike Kings 844

Strike Kings – 12 points
Strikes ‘n’ Spares – 11 points

For the Strike Kings, history repeats itself– an indecisive win.  Strikes ‘n’ Spares almost break even while missing their anchor again.  The lanes were typical East Meadow oil pattern – with a sprinkling of unsupervised children (rooting for their “Mufthy the Magician”) on the next lane over. 

In Game I, the Strike Kings were leading for most of the game.  Strikes ‘n’ Spares mounted a strong last few frames, save for Amaad B.  Naeem took his point against Nisar 141 vs. 130.  Raza took his point against Eddie 149 (plus handicap) vs. 152 – a game in which neither bowled their respective averages.  Ammad beat Amaad B. with a 178 vs. 129.  Don Ali bowled a 189 and lost to Mufthy who bowled a 200.  Mufthy had a chance to give Strikes ‘n’ Spares the win by bowling three strikes in the 10th but it didn’t work out.  Strike Kings win by 21 pins. 

Strikes ‘n’ Spares, perhaps shaken up by the close first game loss came back to win game II.  Naeem, Ammad B. and Mufty take their points from Nisar, Ammad and Don Ali respectively.  Eddie took his point from Raza, 201 vs. 157.  In the 10th frame, Mufthy hit a couple strikes making it impossible for Don Ali to make up the difference.  Strikes ‘n’ Spares win by 15 pins.    

Game III was another close one.  Naeem completed the sweep in his individual matchup against Nisar 162 vs. 130.  Eddie beat Raza 203 vs. 155 and Ammad beat Ammad B. 141 vs. 145.  Mufthy closed out with a few strikes in the 10th frame to complete his sweep of Don Ali 222 (plus handicap) vs. 234.  At one point the Strike Kings had a good lead, later the Strikes ‘n’ Spares took the lead.  Then it all came down to the 10th frame.  Eddie, Ammad and Don Ali all got strikes pushing the Strike Kings to a win despite Mufhy’s 10th frame strikes.  Strike Kings win by 15 pins. 

Mufthy and Eddie showed up with two 200+ games for their respective teams.  Naeem was key for Strikes ‘n’ Spares as he (and Mufthy) both took all three points in their individual matchups.  One thing must be noted about Strikes ‘n’ Spares – even when spares are missed they are more often than not missed by small margins.  That is to say that there are few gutter balls or wildly off the mark shots.  At the end of the day, this makes a big difference since adjusting after missed shots does not require major changes that can take away from one’s concentration and confidence. 

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