Saturday, January 26, 2013

SASN Radio - WWE and WCW Wrestling Super Stars : Diamond Dallas Page, Jake the Snake Roberts

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Host Ammad Sheikh was flying solo this week or was he?
Due to the buzz that he was creating Ayaz "Daddy" Dar was co hosting this week.
This was another jam packed show as usual. The plan was to have Diamond Dallas Page the founder of DDP Yoga and of WWE and WCW fame on the show.
The show started out normally with some talk of the South Asian Bowling League talk From there they spoke a little bit about the NY Knicks
But then they were joined on the air by none other than DDP - Diamond Dallas Page.
Diamond Dallas spoke about how he got in to Yoga and how it has helped people and transformed lives.
There was the story of Arthur an injured veteran who couldn't walk with out the assistance of a walker, he was in a back brace. He tried the DDP Yoga and he was able to not only lose 140 pounds but able to walk again. There is story after story.
It was obvious from discussing this with Diamond Dallas that he was very passionate about his project.
While discussing this with him a voice rang out in the back ground. DDP began speaking to Jake the Snake Roberts.
Hosts Ammad Sheikh and Ayaz Dar quickly got Jake the Snake on the air on and began to speak to Jake the Snake about his regrets in wrestling. How he was screwed out of an opportunity due to his increasing popularity. What happened to the snakes?
Next week they are going to be speaking to Hussein and Hamza Abdullah the Abdullah brothers who will be joining us to talk about their spiritual journey as they turned down a lot of money to perform Hajj. They were featured on Outside the Lines on ESPN. They will be with us next week.

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