Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pin Smackers vs Balls n Strikes Preview

Pin Smackers vs Balls N Strikes

Both teams are fighting for the last playoff spot. With only a few weeks left a big win by either team
can could put some distance between them and 7th place.

Adam and Raheel vs Ali and Alisher
The leadoff bowlers on each team will play a crucial role to the teams success. Adam has struggled all season long, as he has not practiced. Bowling is like any sport if you don't practice you are not goign to get better. Raheel has been up and down all season but can bowl well against some of the better competition.
Ali has struggled to find his groove. Learning a new hook is difficult if you haven't had time to practice. Alisher has been a good lead-off bowler with a decent avg. Besides Raheel the other 3 all average 140 which means only one of them needs a big game to take their matchup point.
If Raheel shows up advantage goes to Pin Smackers, if it's Adam than advantage Ball N Strikes

Eugene vs Hakim
Eugene has not bowled the way we all thought he would this season. He has shown signs of much improvement over the last few weeks. Will it keep up or will he revert back to his old ways? No offense to Eugene but besides Prince he is probably the most overrated bowler in the league. Eugene will have to bowl well to prove to everyone that he is in fact a great bowler.
Hakim has shown signs of great bowling but has also struggled with his new hook. He's capable of bowling a 200 but also throwing a 120. Hakim only averages 156 but is 2nd on his team in matchup points with 14.

Except Hakim to take his matchup points like he has down all season.
Sony vs Shumail
What happened to Sony last week? We hope just a bad week. We all know what he is capable of, but another week like last week and consider Pin Smackers season over. Last week he bowled a 114 and a 135. This is something you don't expect from the Pin Smackers 2nd best bowler. He needs to bowl better to compliment Abhi to bring home a victory.
Lost in the week of poor performances was Shumail lackluster games last week. BnS needs an anchor like performance from Shumail if they wish to succeed. Shumail has been inconsistent this year. He is capable of a 240 game but can struggle like most bowlers in the league.
Advantage BnS. Can't see either bowler struggling like last week. If both bowl the way they should Shumail will take 2 out of 3

Abhi vs Wahid
Abhi is the leagues 3rd best bowler, yet he continues to struggle with individual points. Seems as if his opponents to rise to the occasion to take him down. Abhi has to step us this week as playoff implications are on the line. Abhi has to focus on his game and not help other bowlers on the league this week.
After a bad week Wahid comes back to his old form and delivers. Look to see him build off last week. Wahid is possibly the most underrated bowler in the league as he is very quiet. He may be quiet but he throws a loud ball and is very deadly on the lanes. Wahid beat Jason when they faced up, and I expect Wahid to bring his best again.
Advantage Wahid- Abhi will be too focused on helping out Wahid's game instead of focusing on his own game.

Advantage BnS – They will win a close 2 out of 3. Individual points will be close split.

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