Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Week 7 Hot Pins

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Balls n Strikes

Balls n Strikes got destroyed by the Pin Pals this week. Either Balls n Strikes were not prepared or they did not take Pin pals seriously. Either way they lost.  Link

Strike Kings

Did the Strike Kings forget they were playing last team Force? Force swept Strike Kings in game 2 which no one saw coming. Ammad what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Strike Kings beat last place force by only one point. Link

Strikes n Spares
Strikes n Spares bowled terribly but were lucky, and faced a team with only two bowlers. Is this team good, or just lucky? Link

Pin Pals

Hey did you forget that this team won the championship last year? Pin Pals led by Ayaz and Asif are now coming together. They are in the zone as they took Balls n Strikes to school last week. Link

Asian Sensation

The Sensation are the hottest team right now plowing through their competition, and absolutely demoralized the Pin Smackers last week. Yash "the shark" has been on fire lately showing he really is a top bowler in the league. link

It was a miracle, Force had 5  guys show up to play. This is the first time in at least 3 weeks they had a full roster. The problem was they still lost even with a full team.  Link

Pin Smackers
Did the Pin Smackers forget to show up? Did they forget they were playing Asian Sensation? I think its time to call practice sessions for this team. What is going on? Link


Snipers played the #1 team in the league strikes n spares. The problem was snipers were missing 2 guys. Did Yasar and Guerrier sleep past their alarm clock? Or were they just scared playing against the first place team in the league. link

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