Friday, December 7, 2012

Asian Sensation vs Balls n Strikes Preview

Asian Sensation(#2 93PTS) VS Balls n Strikes (#6 75.5PTS)

Asian Sensation coming off a statement game last week by beating a high powered Pin Smackers team by accumulating 16pts. Balls n Strikes are coming off an awful week by getting only 6pts.  Are the Sensations going to put this Cinderellat team t o bed this week? Or will BNS put the Sensation fire out !

Let see how these 2 teams matchup !

1st Bowlers
Amin(13pts 150.6) VS Abdul(7pts 107.0)& Ali N.(5pts 124.3)

Ali N. is still a novice and is tinkering his approach to learn the hook the ball. He is still able to bowl a decent game, but if Ali finds the hook in time it will be bad news for the Sensations. Abdul has one of the slowest ball release but seems to win his matchup pts as he has won 7 out of 13pts. Watch out for his "moonwalk" dance after his release. If he is able to close out frames he could be "moonwalking" all over the Sensations.Then we have Amin who every week seems to be improving his avg & is #2 in matchup pts.  He is the spark plug to the Sensations as not only does he gives them a kick start, but shows the emotion that he wears when he bowls. This emotion is carried to the other bowlers

EDGE- Asian Sensation. Amin will put the Sensation's into gear by bowling more strikes and spares as Ali N. and Abdul are still trying to find their niche .

2nd Bowlers-
Jin"GANGNAM STYLE"(7PTS 165.9) VS Hakim(6pts 147. & Ali S. (2pts 137.7)
Ali S was not playing last week but brings enough to bowl and contribute. He has a game high score in his arsenal which is 160.  Hakim is still trying to perfect his approach and release as he is trying to hook the ball with more swerve.  He still is a solid bowler by closing his frames with spares. Jin has been struggling after missing a week of bowling, and boy did it show last week when he bowled a 114 in his first game Luckily Amin picked it up for him by Bowling a whopping 179. Jin did come back however to bowl a 180 in the next game and a 160 in the 3rd.
EDGE-Asian Sensation.  Jin will comeback and find his groove and will want to take back the 3rd bowler position that he was in for 3weeks.  Hakim and Ali S. wont be able to catch Jin as he will show that he is very dangerous once he is in a groove.

3rd Bowlers-
Khaled"SILENT ASSASIN"(11.5PTS 173.4) VS Shumail "MAILMAN"(4PTS 183.0)
Well last week we said that The MAILMAN doesnt deliver on and it resulted in the BNS racking up a paltry 6pts. Apparently Shumail is the key to Balls n Strikes's success. When he is there they are obviously more in depth and dangerous. When he is not opponents seem to take advantage. Khaled has regained his 3rd bowling position as his avg went from a 167-173 in 2 weeks. He is so locked that he bowled a game high 214 and bowled 603 series while winning all 3 matchups against Sony "Sleepy Sleepy"

EDGE-Asian Sensation Even with Shumail there I cannot see him beating Khaled. He will show why he is called the SILENT ASSASSIN !

4th Bowlers-Yash"SHARK"(12.5PTS 176) Wahid(10.5pts 172.5)
Yash has been a very consistent bowler as he took over the reigns of anchor position of the Sensations. He has thrown 53 strikes for the Sensations in the last 4 weeks. Wahid was rolling, but ever since that coaching blunder he has not been himself.  But he"s still in the hunt for the rookie of the year award. He can propel his worth by beating the hottest team in the Sensations !
EDGE-Asian Sensation. Wahid is a great bowler but Yash will step his game up as he has done ever since his take down of Ayaz "Daddy Day Care" Dar.

ROUNDUP- Well it doesnt take a genius to see who has the advantage.  The Sensations are ridding high as they have been on a tear in recent weeks, but BNS is still not your avg expansion team. Once Ali. N and Hakim find the hook  to their bowl, im sure you"ll hear from this team again.  For now the clock has struck 12 and this CINDERELLA story has a sad ending.

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