Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pin Pals vs Balls n Strikes Post Game

Game 1 - Pin Pals wins 792-761
Game 2 - Pin Pals wins 907-788
Game 3 - Pin Pals wins 775-769
Pin Pals takes 17 out of 23 points from Balls n Strikes

Game 1 Asif put the team on his back and carried them through with a 225 to win this game. Asif sealed the deal bowling a 3 strikes in a row from frames 8 to 10/ Ali, Wahid, and AbdulSatar managed to take the individual points scoring 143,172,91 respectively. Hakim dragged the score enough to lose the game by going 25 pins under his avg. David "HGH" Deblasio also had a huge game with a 158. Lately Dave has been on fire scoring above his average in every game.

Game 2 Ayaz finally showed up and bowled a 232, and started getting loud. He bowled 7 strikes this game which really pumped up his team. Dave had another monster game with 201, and Chris "Chrisanity" bowled a 133. . The only point BnS could get here was AbdulSatar going 12 pins over his 107 avg getting a 119 beating Chris's 133. Balls n Strikes were falling fast as their star bowlers Hakim and Wahid only bowled a 130 to 169. Luckily for them we bowl 3 games not 2.

Game 3 Sidd "the kidd" came in for Asif , and kept the pinpal train on course to run over BnS this day. Ayaz was good for 203 and David continued his streak with a 148  Hakim(144) and AbdulSatar(112) got 2 points. This game came down to the wire as Wahid almost got the win hitting 2 strikes in the 10th frame scoring 180. Ayaz picked up a huge spare in the 10th frame which sealed Balls n Strikes Fate.

Once upon a time Balls n Strikes were in 2nd place and making a run for first place. After this lost they have dropped down to 6th place. Hopefully Hakim and Ali will learn the hook in time , before the clock strikes midnight on this cinderella team.

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