Friday, December 7, 2012

Game of the Week- Pin Pals vs Strikes n Spares

PinPals(#3 87pts) VS Strikes n Spares(#1 112.5pts)

Strikes n Spares is coming off a huge week racking up 19pts but it was to a short handed Snipers team that had 2 bowlers The Pin Pals swept Balls n Strikes in 3 intense games.  Even with their team not being on the same page they racked up 17pts.

Both these teams have internal issues ! Lets see how these 2 teams matchup with all the distractions !

1st Bowlers-
Amaad B.(10pts 167.3) VS Chris"CHRISANITY"(5PTS 131.1) Sid"THE KID"(2pts 125.1)
Chris and Sid are decent bowlers but they do seem to leave one to many frames open . Abdul took Chris on and didnt seems to pounce on his opportunity in which led to Asif leaving the team. Sid "THE KID" can come up clutch as he came in for Asif in the third game last week. Ammad is one of the best bowlers in the 1st slot. He is also  2nd on his team with 50 strikes, but is a bit off in recent weeks. He  regained his approach and went up almost 4pts in avg from last week.
Edge-Team SnS ! Amaad B. will be licking his chops because the Pinpals  lack a good leadoff bowler. I can see "PSYCHO SID" eeking out 1 pt out of 3 points.

2nd Bowlers-
Raza"MR 108"(12pts 162) VS Dave"HGH"(9pts 147)
Dave has found a new approach and boy has it helped the Pin Pals. He single handily won the matchup with the Sensations, and has been on a tear ever since learning the hook in his game. The only downside is he tires out towards the end of the game. Then we have "MR 108", but he was no Mr. 108 last week. Raza improved almost 5pts in his avg but his bickering with Jason might be a distraction this week to his game and to the team.
EDGE-Team Pin Pals. Dave will get his hook going and mastering his technique while Raza is trying to figure out his beef with jason and wondering "How oily are the lanes?"

3rd bowlers-
Mufthy(12pts 173.5) vs Asif(8pts 185)

Mufthy has stepped up his game, but hit a bit of a snag when Gage won a point on a bowl off . Mufthy can easily run off turkey"s making it difficult for any  opponent . Asif is one of the underrated bowlers and if he doesnt show this will be a long day for team Pin Pals. They need his ability to carry the momentum to Daddy Dar. Hopefully Asif put the dirty laundry to the side and help propel his team as he is very vital to this week matchup !
EDGE-Team Strikes n Spares.  Mufthy will bring his turkey celebration to the lanes as Asif will still wear the emotional stress of last week.

4th Bowlers-
Jason"J-Wow"(10pts 218.1) VS Ayaz"DADDY"(12PTS 191.2)
Wow! What can you say bout this matchup ! These are twoheavy weights that fit the bill for an incredible display of skill. Ayaz is the key element to his team and is an opponents worst nightmare eardrums. Ayaz carried his team after the departure of Asif last week , vocally and physically. Ayaz will be determined to prove who is the best anchor in the league. Conflicting reports has come in from TMZ, and it has Jason benched for 1 game. This has team turmoil written all over it. Jason and Raza havent been on the same page in recent weeks. They have been bickering back and fourth on the internet which led to the demise of Jason being benched . Is MR 108 overdosing on using his usual hashtag #likeaboss again? The question is will Jason be ok with the benching or make a statement of his own. Stay tuned to the next episode as "The Days Of Our Lives continues at east meadow.
EDGE-Team Pin Pals. Ayaz "DADDY" Dar will turn his mouth on Full throttle and exploit the rift between Raza & Jason. Jason will be unmotivated to bowl , as I  can't see him match Ayaz"s energy.

This will be a close match as both teams are dealing with internal issues. This will be the best game or soap opera to watch as Pin Pals take 2 out of 3.

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