Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pin Pals vs Pin Smackers Preview

Preview – Pin Pals (3rd place) vs. Pin Smackers (5th place)

Only 12 points separate these two teams so a pickup of 20 points or more by one team can really change the standings.  Both teams were missing players last week (Adam for the Pin Smackers and Asif for the Pin Pals).  Both teams also have gaps – that is to say, there would appear to be some unfulfilled potential on both sides. 
1) Raheel vs. Chris

Adam won’t be here this week so it will likely be Raheel bowling in the first spot.  He will be matched up against Chris and based on the last few weeks this is an easy call.  Raheel has been showing up this season.  Many teams have seem him hit some key strikes and spares in the 10th frame that made a difference for the Pin Smackers.  Raheel will bowl above his average twice and beat Chris each time.  The game he doesn’t bowl above his average – depends on Chris.  Last week Chris didn’t break 100 in one of his games.  Another performance like that and Raheel sweeps. 

2) Eugene vs. Dave DeBlasio

This is the matchup of the overrated vs. the under-rated.  Eugene has had some good games in the season but his average is nowhere near the top 10 as was predicted before the season started.  He also lacks consistency, throwing a 200+ game only to follow up with a game in the 150’s or 140’s.  Dave has made much progress in his bowling style.  He also acquired a new ball and a nice curve, that when on target, is as good as anyone’s.  He can also change it up and throw a straight ball for right-side spares.  Dave takes two points.  Eugene will take one with a game above 190. 

3)  Sony vs. Ammar (or Asif)

Does anyone remember when Sony had a tough time breaking 120??  Those days are long gone.  He may have an off game here and there but when his game is on, watch out and prepare to be defeated.  Ammar made his debut last week taking a point from Eddie of the Strike Kings but it’s hard to say what he may do based on this single game.  In this matchup Sony takes 2 points.  In the event that Asif shows up, (after the much-rumored tantrum he had a few weeks earlier), he will take two points against Sony.  But those two points will be hard fought with two games above 200. 

4)  Abhi (“the Mayor”) vs. Ayaz “Daddy” Dar

Both in the top five averages in the league this will be a matchup based on experience.  Abhi and Ayaz bowl together on Tuesday night.  Actually Abhi usually bowls more than that as he may sub for other teams during the week.  Abhi can put together a string of strikes as smoothly as anyone.  He knows his game and he consistently makes his spares.  He gets distracted however as the entire league asks him how to adjust scores and change players names and handicaps.  He also gives out free advice to anyone – even opponents – on how to improve their game.  Has Abhi ever though about giving a class on how to work the computers at East Meadow??  If so, he probably would bowl better as he would be less distracted. 

Ayaz recently got a new ball – has that helped him or not?  No one is quite sure.  Switching between balls like he did last week probably didn’t.  Ayaz also needs a few less distractions (read Asif drama and blood pressure spikes when Chris misses an easy spare).  If Abhi is leading by 10 pins or more going into the 10th frame, Ayaz will be defeated as his 10th frames have been mediocre lately, considering he is the anchor of his team.  All that being said, Ayaz is due for a 600 series.  It will be close as ever but as long as there is no drama, Ayaz does indeed take 2 points from Abhi.    

Final predictions:  If Asif shows up Pin Pals take two games and total pins.  If Asif does not show, Pin Pals lose two games and total pins. 

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