Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Strike Kings vs Balls 'n Strikes Post Game recap

Game I – Balls n Strikes 764 vs. Strike Kings 757
Game II – Balls n Strikes 775 vs. Strike Kings 839
Game III – Balls n Strikes 823 vs. Strike Kings 876

Strike Kings – 17 points
Balls 'n Strikes – 6 points

This time the Strike Kings had a decisive win. Balls 'n Strikes continued their practice of subbing out their anchor Wahid, though this time it was actually warranted. Eddie played anchor for Strike Kings, replacing an injured Don Ali. The lanes had the standard East Meadow oil pattern…heavy oil in the middle of the lane and medium on the sides, light oil on the back-end, breaking down by the middle of the third game.

Game I went down to the final frame for the respective anchors, Eddie and Wahid. The Strike Kings had a poor showing with Nisar being the only one to bowl above his average with a 160. Ammad’s 108 hurt the Strike Kings’ chances of winning as did Eddie’s 176 and Don Ali’s 194. Nevertheless Ammad was the only one who didn’t win his individual point for the Strike Kings, losing by a wide margin against Hakim’s strong game of a 184. Don Ali would end up taking his point by 7 pins, striking out in the 10th frame, going head to head with Shumail who did the same. The real difference was made however by Alisher and Hakim who both got strikes in the 10th frame with spares in the 9th frame. Eddie had a chance to win the game for the Strike Kings but like Wahid, he left the 10th frame open. Balls 'n Strikes win by 7 pins.

Game II would go differently and be a decisive win for the Strike Kings. Ammad came roaring back with a 188 and won his individual matchup. Notably Ammad had 7 spares in a row demonstrating a strong consistency. Don Ali would strike out in the 10th frame to win his point against Shumail by 2 pins. Eddie won his point against Wahid with a 156, some 30 pins below his average but good enough on this day. Ali N came in for Alisher and won his point with a 163 vs Nisar with a 155 – the only point for Balls n Strikes this game.

In game III Balls n Strikes would sub-out Wahid as is their custom; however, having bowled a 131 and 140 in his first two games, this might have been a prudent decision for once instead of a self-inflicted wound. Nisar would have yet another good showing with a 150, while Ammad would bowl another great game with a 189. Unfortunately for Ammad, Hakim would bowl a 202 and win the point in their matchup. This would be the only point for Balls n Strikes in this game. Don Ali bowled a 236 to easily take his point against Shumail. Strike Kings take the game and total pins for the day.

Key players in this matchup for the Strike Kings were Nisar, Don Ali and Ammad. Nisar bowled an average of 155 for the day – over 20 pins above his season average. He also took two points. Don Ali averaged 211 and took all his individual points on the day. Ammad averaged 161 for the day but more importantly showed he can come back hard after a bad game. He also made a good showing hitting 7 spares in a row. For Balls 'n Strikes, Hakim was key in that he had two big games of 184 and 202, taking two points for the day. Shumail didn’t bowl badly at all, he just ran into Don Ali on one of his good days. His striking out in the 10th frame of the first game shows he can perform under pressure and even though he lost his individual point he can take credit for having won the game for the team.

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