Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 9 Previews

Pin Smackers vs. Strike Kings

Both teams were in tough battles last week as Strikes 'n' Spares and Force gave both teams a lot of issues. This match will feature 4 of the top 6 bowlers in the league. Jason (1st) and Don (3rd) have been on games virtually all season, while Abhi (2th) and Eugene (6th) have kept the Pin Smackers in almost every game. This match is going to come down to the depth on both teams, as these 4 bowlers will all but cancel each other out. Slight edge to the Strike Kings here, but the top 2 on the Pin Smackers won't be far behind.

With the Pin Smackers at full strength they will have Sony, Adam, and either Andre/Mustafa. The Strike Kings will likely have Ammad, Nisar, and Arshad. While these guys have all been solid, they've also been inconsistent at times. However, the most consistent of the bunch has been Sony, and he has been getting much better as the season has progressed.

This match will come down to Sony's play as he is the X-factor. With Sony bringing his A game Sunday, expect Pin Smackers to win 2 games and the total pins.

Asian Sensation vs. Force

Tale of the two teams that are all about depth. Both teams showed that last week as Asian Sensation won 2 games from the Pin Pals, and Force won a game and the total pins from Strike Kings. For Force, the question will be who shows. If it's the same 5 as last Sunday, they are in great shape, but it's always up in the air who comes. The other main question is will Force keep on having the depth. Roswell proved to the difference last week, as once he got going, Force was able to take control of their match.

Asian Sensation has been getting better as a team as the season progress, with guys like Yash and Amin stepping up their game (and their trash talk). Meanwhile, Adam and Khaled have been solid all season. Their issue has been they don't have a clear anchor to step up and help the team through any rough stretches. But if all 5 bowlers bowl what they're capable of, then it may not matter. But that also keeps the pressure on everyone to do well.

Both teams did very well last week, but Asian Sensation has been more consistent this season. I predict Asian Sensation to win 2 games, but Force to win the total pins.

Strikes 'n' Spares vs. Pin Pals

When these teams first faced off, SnS were just getting welcomed into the league, while Pin Pals were just starting to get into mid-season form. Pin Pals easily swept, with only one of the games being close. Now, with SnS getting big wins, and close wins, week in and week out, they're hoping to have their great run continue against the #1 team in the league. SnS has a truly balanced attack. While Mufthy and Nadeem lead the team, someone always seem to step up and have a huge game. Last week Raza had his best week of the season, with Ammad bowling a near 200 game as well.

Pin Pals suffered a minor setback without Asif last week, but Ayaz is showing no worry. Tying in total pins with Asian Sensation showed they can still compete with anyone without Asif, but it's going to take more of a team effort than before. People might expect no worries, since Riz is returning, but keep in mind that Sid exceeded expectations and bowled near a 150 average this past week. So getting Riz back is not as big a silver lining as it looks.

The big question is will SnS keep their streak of heart-attack games going. If they're anywhere close in the 9th and 10th frames, they somehow manage to pull it out. Tough match to call, but I believe Pin Pals win 2 games and the total pins.

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