Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 11 Previews

Force vs. Asian Sensation

Force has swept the last two weeks again Asian Sensation, and Force has won by an average of 75 pins. On the Force side, someone has stepped up the last two weeks. Last week, Linsanity took over as he has his best week of the season. Two weeks ago, Raheel and Roswell had their season highs. The question for Force is always who will show up. But it seems as though they're getting things in order and really getting hot as the playoffs are about to begin.

Asian Sensation has to get on the same page, and need to do it fast. They have been a number of solid games over the past few weeks, but their inconsistencies are finding them in the #6 spot. Khaled is bowling his best at the right time, but Yash and Jin have both cooled off from their great run a few weeks ago. Now is the time for them to step up and follow Khaled's lead.

Force only needs 1 win (plus total pins) to clinch the #5 spot. They could move up to #4 seed with at least 2 wins and some help. Asian Sensation needs to sweep, otherwise they will be the 6th seed in the playoffs. Expect Force to win 2 games and the total pins.

Strike Kings vs. Strikes 'n' Spares

SnS is down 11 points. That means they need to sweep to get the #3 seed (they would win the tiebreaker). While that sounds like a tall order, SnS has been on a roll lately AND the Strike Kings will be missing Jason Reis for the 2nd week in a row. SnS has not lost a series in over a month, and that trend is expected to continue, but the question is will they do what they need to do in order to lock up the top wildcard slot. They're still all about the team. Led by Mufthy (#10 overall), with his main support coming from Raza and Nadeem. They're a tough team to beat since they will likely score 750 as a team, without any bowler having a spectacular game. If someone goes off for a huge game, that's when they're dangerous. But without someone to carry them, they can throw up some low games. It will be interesting to see what lineup Nadeem goes with this week.

As for the Strike Kings, no one expected them to win a game last week, and that's with 5 players. Only 4 showed up, and they still won a game. Winning that game was huge, as it put SnS in a situation where they must sweep or bust for the #3 spot. That being said, in the game they won, they scored a 735. A solid score, but nothing that will truly scare opponents. The pressure is really on everyone on the team. Don essentially HAS to bowl over 200, and players like Arshad and Nisar have to bowl well above their average. Otherwise the team that once was running away with the league, will fall all the way to the #4 seed.

Tough one to call, but it's really hard to bet against the #2 bowler in the league needing just one win. Expect SnS to win 2 games and the total pins.

Pin Pals vs. Pin Smackers

While both teams have a wildcard round bye all but locked up, this is all about getting the #1 seed and having bragging rights as the first #1 team in SABowl history. Both teams look to get themselves set up for a deep playoff run. For the Pin Pals, Asif should be returning, and his presence has been sorely missed. Last week, Pin Pals failed to break 700 in 2 of the 3 games. Working him back into the lineup and having Riz get back on track will still make this team a very tough out once they face their opponent in the semi-finals.

Pin Smackers have the #1 seed, and its theirs to lose. Abhi has been bowling solid week in week out, but last week he didn't dominate in typical Abhi fashion. Eugene has also not quite bowled the games he's capable of bowling recently. Once these two get on the same page, they will truly be scary. Sony 'the X-factor' Singh keeps on doing his job in ensuring that Abhi and Eugene don't bare all the pressure of carrying the team.

Expect the big time bowlers to all have big games; these are the games Abhi and Ayaz love to be apart of. Expect Eugene and Asif to also come up big. The matchup will come down to the supporting cast of both teams. Riz, Chris, and Dave vs. Sony, Adam, and Mustafa (most likely). Too close to call. I'm copping out on this one. Pin Smackers win 2 games, but Pin Pals win the total pins.

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