Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 7 Recap

Week 7 once again saw a number of close games and a number of bowlers stepping up for their teams.

Force vs. Pin Smackers

Force was short-handed with only 4 guys. Facing the Pin Smackers is tough enough, but to do it without a full squad is just asking for trouble. Pin Smackers won game 1 easily 809-697. Abhi and Eugene bowled a 202 and 203 respectively, Sony put in a new career high of 178; while Prince rolled a 202 and Roswell rolled a 155.

Game 2 was much closer. For Force Razi stepped up and rolled a 146 and Prince did his best to carry the team with this week's league high of 233, but it wasn't enough, as Abhi struck out to get a 216, Eugene rolled a 148 and Sony added in a 146 to squeak out a win 714-709.

Game 3 was a no contest as the Pin Smackers got the sweep 758-628. Abhi completed a great day of bowling with a 214, while Eugene and Sony added in scores of 183 and 150. Force had Alan roll a 169, while Prince threw in a 159.

Pin Pals vs. Asian Sensation

A lot of smack talk on both sides led to confrontation both teams could not wait to have. In game 1, Asian Sensation showed a lot of balance as Khalil, Latif, and Yash all bowled games in the 140s, and Khaled bowled a 151 game. However the Pin Pals showed an even higher level of balance. Chris, Dave, and Moe matched those scores with a 142, 152, and 139 respectively. Asif just about bowled his average of 182, and anchor Ayaz bowled a league game 1 high of 225. Pin Pals won game 1 840-713.

Game 2 saw Asian Sensation really step up their games to get a win. Adam bowled his season high of 189, Yash bowled a great game of 163, and Khaled bowled his season high of 210. With a team score of 805, that should get you a win in almost every game. But the Pin Pals once again denied Asian Sensation with games of 231 from Asif, 193 from Moe, and 181 from Ayaz. Pin Pals won game 2 823-805.

Game 3 was all but a forgone conclusion. Asian sensation lost their focus and couldn't get any hot streaks going. Meanwhile, Pin Pals just kept playing their game. Dave put in another solid game with 164, and Ayaz bowled a leauge game 3 high of 223. Pin Pals get the sweep with a game 3 win 769-611. These teams will re-match next week, so look for Asian Sensation to get revenge, or for the Pin Pals to continue their dominance.

Strike Kings vs. Strikes 'n' Spares

Anyone who thought Strikes 'n' Spares(SnS) couldn't compete has been proven wrong at this point. After taking 2 outta 3 from Force each of the last two weeks, their run was expected to end at the hands of the Strike Kings(SK). In game 1, SnS hung around against the SK with a 156 from Naeem and a 149 from Mufty. Meanwhile Don and Jason were both slightly off their games bowling a 176 and a 179. In the 10th frame, anchor Hamza struck out and finished with a 173, which gave SnS and 2 pin win (744-742) over SK in game 1.

Game 2 was more of the same. Naeem once again stepped up and bowled a 161, captain Nadeem subbed in and bowled a 158. For SK, Ammad did his best to help the cause bowling a 155, while Jason bowled a 181 and Don bowled a 182. This game also came down to the anchors of the 10th frame. Don closed out his 10th frame, but left it open for SnS by not striking out. Mufty bowled 2 strikes in the 10th and finished with a 178 to give SnS their 2nd win, this one by 6, 742-736.

Game 3 saw both teams slip up a bit, but SnS really fell off after 2 big wins. Nadeem tried to keep his team in it with a 165 game, but got little help from anyone. SK got another great game from Don with a 192, and even though Jason bowled his lowest game of the season, SK easily won game 3, and won the pin total as well, with a 714-641 win.

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