Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 5 Previews

Mystery writer #2 for week 5 previews:

Four Horsemen vs. Mean Machine:
MVP(Jason) , DaddyDar(Ayaz) The Mayor (Ahbi) Oh my!! This game is filled with the top bowlers ofthe league and we didn’t even mention the Commissioner Prince. This matchup features 4 of the top 5 bowlers in the league and will be a game that the other teams will be watching. One could only imagine what the trash talking will belike during the game, as ESPN is ready to use their censor button. The real question is how many fans will come to see this epic matchup? Ten thousand? Twenty Thousand? Some people are even scalping tickets in the parking lot forthis main event.

Jason leads his Mean Machine team into unchartered waters where they will face the 1st place and favorites to win it all The Four Horseman. This is the first true test for the Mean Machine. Yes Strike Kings swept them, but that was early in the season. In this handicap league, players like Shazad, Sidd and Kenny will be getting major pins which will give the Mean Machine an edge. All 3 of those bowlers average lower than 144 and must bring their "A" game if Mean Machine has a chance. Jason knows he must bowl over 200's every game but he is capable of doing that as his average is 197. His brother Justin has come out of nowhere averaging 182 pins. He and Ayaz will be battling it out as their averages are basically even. The question is can Justin withstand the trash-talking that Ayaz will bring?

Mean Machine must take advantage of their handicap and try to withstand the top bowlers which are the Four Horseman. Mean Machine is coming off a huge week winning 2 games and taking total pins vs. a great Asian Sensation team. You would think they would have the momentum, but guess again.

The Four Horsemen swept Strike Kings last week and took over first place in the league. That game was packed with controversy and players were called out for tanking. The Four Horsemen withstood all of that and took care of business. Ayaz, Prince and Ahbi are there three main bowlers, and are being compared to Wade, Lebron, and Bosh of the Miami Heat. The question is who will be the fourth bowler. Will it be 'Sneaky Sneaky' Sony or 'Chocolate Thunder' Gage? One of those bowlers will be bowling and will be the X factor for the horsemen. The main question is which team will show up. Will it be The Four horseman who swept Strike Kings? Or will it be The Four Horseman who laid an egg and lost by 200 pins against Bowlsonihal? Regardless, this will be a showdown you do not want to miss.

Strike Kings vs. The Other Guys:
Before last week Strike Kings was on a roll dominating the league and going undefeated. They then ran into a brick wall in the Four Horseman and got swept. After the game there was some chirping of tanking but nevertheless they lost fair and square. Strike Kings just might bring the most dominating team besides the Four Horseman; in that their top three bowlers Raza, Mufty and Don Ali all average over 160. As of now they have the number one bowler in the league in Don Ali, who has shown night in and out he will bring it. Don Ali must be mad from last year’s lost because he has increased his average by over 10 pins. He is one of the few bowlers who have actually increased their average from the fall in that he is averaging almost 207 pins per game.

The X Factor for the Strike Kings has to be Nisar. Nisar has the potential of bowling a great game with his high being a 159, The downfall is he can bowl pretty low as his average is only 127. Add Nisar’s handicap to his high game and that easily surpasses 200 pins easily. Strike Kings better take this game seriously in that they face the Syosset four aka The Other Guys.

The Other Guys are a very dangerous team led by the guy who has the nastiest hook in the league Eddie Santana. Eddie has quickly made a statement averaging 176 and has a high game of 224. Eddie has become a great anchor and faces one of the best in the game in Mufty. This match could come down to one of them throwing a strike and closing it out in the tenth. Put Eddie's skills with Gladson, Ben, and Stanley this is dangerous team and could easily pull off an upset if not a sweep.

Ben, Stanley, and Gladson all average around 155 which mean they will be getting a lot of handicap. If two of the three can bring their A game and go for 180’s these games may be over very fast. These three bowlers like Eddie have came into the league being unknown but quickly become household names. They have showed they can take on the best, and here is another chance to prove that.

The X factor in this Matchup is Ben for The Other Guys. He averages 154, but with a high game of 198, he has the potential of bowling a huge game with handicap. Benny Bravo knows what has to be done, and if he wants to pull off an upset he must get the job done.

With Eddie taking on Mufty the question is who will take on Don Ali and Raza? The individual matchups will be interesting to see, and this should be a great match.

Bowlsonihal vs. Asian Sensation:
Asian Sensation and Bowlsonihal are a battle of two tough teams who both lost 2 games plus total pins the previous week. This matchup is a dead heat in that their total averages from the top four bowlers are only 23 pins apart. That means handicap will not be a factor and these bowlers will have to bowl their tails off. Both of these teams also like to run their mouth and some of them even like to show some skin. Again ESPN is ready incase anything that is not "PG" happens.

Bowlsonihal (which I’m sure no one outside their team can pronounce) is lead by their top dog Satbir and of course Captain Harp. Captain Harp is the only bowler on the team who was in the fall league and knows what it takes to get the job done. Harp and Satbir both have high games over 200 and they may need to do that this week. Mickey and Ushbir both average below 138 which means handicap will be on their side. They have both maxed out at 166 and if they can do that again then Asian Sensation may as well go on a long cigarette break because they have no shot.

The X factor has to be Captain Harp who’s showed he can bowl well over 200, but also has games that he is not proud of. If he can bowl over a 200 Monday, with his handicap, its going to be a long ride home for the Sensation.

Asian Sensation is a loud mouth team and you never know what you will get. Sometimes they talk too much and lose their focus on what’s important which is winning. They have beaten The Four Horsemen, but also lost 4 out of 6 to Mean Machine. With bowlers like Yash whose high game is 234, and Khaled whose is 189, they have the potential to matchup with the best in the game. Yash and Khaled are a great duo to end the game and Khaled has showed he is a true closer. Khaled missed last week and his presence was missed from the sensation as they were off their game. If the sensation have any chance of winning he Khaled must show up.

The X factor has to be the battle of Adam and Amin vs. Ushbir and Mickey. Which bowlers with the 130 average will take the advantage of getting massive handicap? Amin and Adam have bowled over 170 so it can be done. Ushbir and Mickey both bowled a high of 166 which means they are capable of a big game. Who will step up and carry their team to victory?

Given that both team's scores are so close, and even the individual matchups are very close, this may very well be the tightest series of the night.

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