Saturday, June 2, 2012

SASN June 1st Episode - featuring Ayaz Daddy Dar talking about SABowl Season 2

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Hosts Ammad Sheikh and Anwar Sadat host the show on June 1st.

First guest was Ayaz Daddy Dar who stopped by to hype up the next season of the South Asian Bowling League He talked about the 7 confirmed teams and the search for the 8th and final team. Ayaz was very confident that the season was going to even better than last year now that every player will have a handicap. That means that top players like Jason Reis would not have an advantage of being a great bowler.

Kashif Chaudhary of SABL 28+ talked about the 6 teams that they have signed up for the inaugural season. Kashif mentioned that he could have had more teams but was hurt by the amount of gym rental time that he had. He predicted huge growth in the SABL 28+ and gave us a synopsis of the entire league.

Ammad and Anwar debated the merits of the power ranking and spoke about whether some teams deserved to be ranked where they were ranked.

They were then joined by Latif Usman who spoke about the upcoming fight of Sadam Ali on June 2nd in Brooklyn's Aviator complex. Sadam Ali an up and coming fighter who has been featured on ESPN Friday night Fights is undefeated 13-0 with 8 knockouts. He is also self promoting this fight an unusual step for a fighter so young.

Lastly Ammad made a blockbuster announcement as Meta World Peace formerly known as Ron Artest will be joining Ammad and Siddique Farooqi next week to talk about the Los Angeles Lakers, Mike Brown, Andrew Bynum and the incident with James Harden.

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