Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pin Pals - SABowl's hottest team

The question was asked once before. The question was can anyone beat the Strike Kings? Ever since that question was asked the Srike Kings have 3-6 in their last 9 games. Struggling with attendance as Jason Reiss has missed a game and Arshad missed a game. The new bowlers who have come in have done a commendable job but one way or another the Strike Kings haven't been able to keep it together. They are now no longer in first place. In fact when the next set of standings come out, they may be in third place. Who has taken their place? The hottest team in the league is the Pin Pals. One can't say that the Pin Pals have taken over the league quietly. As Ayaz "Daddy" Dar doesn't have a quiet bone in his body. Ayaz has loudly proclaimed that they have the team to beat. Going in to this weeks match ups they had 49 points. After they swept Asian Sensation they are now sitting firmly in first place with 58 points. Asian Sensation was seen bowling before the league started to make sure that they were ready to go. Pin Pals blew them out in game 1. The question was asked once before for the Strike Kings but now it has to be asked for the Pin Pals. Can anyone beat this team??

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